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Exceptional facial treatments of 60 minutes designed to treat any skin need or condition. Finding the right regime to restore all beauty and radiance. 

  • The Express Facial 30 mins - $60

    Renew and maintain a health completion deeply hydrating express facial to rejuvenate the skin in a flash. 

  • The O2 Relax 60 mins - $100

    Energize your skin with a treatment designed to reboot dull skin from environmental stress and DNA damage. Improves definition of facial contours and dramatically restores elasticity, skin texture and tone. 

  • The Skin Comforter 60 mins - $100

    Comfort your skin with exclusive botanical ingredients that soothe sensitive skin. A calming facial is the perfect answer to hyper sensitivity. 

  • The Citrus Essence 60 mins - $120

    Drench your skin with the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. Nutrient rich treatment that stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation and intensely hydrates and firms.