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Discover Our Mountain Majesty

Talk show super-star Oprah Winfrey once said that St. Lucia's two majestic volcanic plugs, the fabled twin peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, located south of Soufrière and situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are among the top ten things to have in your "bucket list." We couldn't agree more! Every time returning visitors see the Pitons, they often remark that it seems like they are seeing them for the first time, every sighting is mind-blowing. On a full-day excursion to the Pitons, you can hike all the way to the top, noticing everything from the orchids, the hummingbirds, the butterflies, the canopy of trees and one of the most spectacular views you will ever encounter.  

  • 3 Must-See St. Lucia Attractions

    Rugged mountains, verdant rainforests, brilliantly-white beaches lining sparkling turquoise water, and warm, independent people with a proud heritage—it’s these and much more that makes Saint Lucia one of the most popular and scenically stunning tourist destinations in the world.... Read more

  • The Plantations of St. Lucia

    Throughout much of its colonial period, St. Lucia was a major producer of cocoa, coffee, cotton, and, most importantly, sugar cane — all cash crops that thrived in the tropical climate, and the island’s immense yield of such commodities depended largely on the transatlantic slave trade.... Read more

  • Forty-One Years of Independence in St. Lucia

    The people of St. Lucia are known far and wide for their laidback, festive attitude. And honestly, surrounded by a tropical paradise, how could they not be?... Read more

  • Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation at the The Landings Resort Spa

    With the frenzy of the holiday season finally done, you might be feeling a bit dazed, a bit worn out. Fortunately, as a guest of The Landings Resort in St. Lucia, you're invited to indulge in a day of exquisite pampering at our acclaimed 7,000-square-foot spa, which offers a wide range of services to replenish you mind, body, and soul.... Read more

  • St. Lucy of Syracuse

    If you’re reading this, we know you’ve heard of St. Lucia, but have you ever wondered who exactly the sacred namesake of our beautiful island was? ... Read more

  • The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers: A Journey from Northwest Africa to St. Lucia

    Every year since 1986, the World Cruising Club has hosted ocean-crossing rallies that bring together sailing enthusiasts from around the world. What exactly is a rally, you ask? ... Read more

  • Celebrate the End of Summer at the St. Lucia Arts & Heritage Festival

    Among the many beautiful and lively Caribbean islands, St. Lucia stands out for its exceptional love of island-wide festivals, from St. Lucia Jazz to Carnival, to Roots & Soul.... Read more

  • The BookYard: Gathering Place of the St. Lucian Literati

    Just a short 10-minute stroll from The Landings Resort & Spa, St. Lucia’s one and only book shop, The BookYard, is the perfect spot to pick-up the beachside reading you need to make your St. Lucian vacation complete.... Read more

  • The 3rd Annual Roots & Soul Festival

    Home to a unique confluence of African, East Indian, English, and French cultures, St. Lucia produces some of the most compelling and cutting-edge music in the Caribbean. ... Read more

  • Come Carnival with Us

    Outrageous and dazzling feathered and beaded costumes and unbridled dancing in the streets combine with the iconic sounds of steel drums, Soca dance music, and the mouth-watering fragrance of delectable Caribbean food for a sensual sampling of the fabulous and fantastic experiences to be had during Saint Lucia’s Carnival.... Read more

  • A Fabulous Father’s Day Getaway

    Searching for something special for Dad this Father’s Day?... Read more

  • All that Jazz

    It’s time again for the hottest festival with the coolest jazz in the Caribbean! Join us from May 4-12 for the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. ... Read more

  • Watching Out for the Turtles

    St. Lucia provides an ideal habitat for an abundant array of the island’s flora and fauna, particularly to three different species of sea turtles, many of which are either critically endangered or are in danger of becoming extinct.... Read more

  • A Plantation Adventure

    One of the most interesting and enjoyable ways to see the island, a plantation tour also gives our visitors and guests a “feel” for the origins of the island’s culture and history.... Read more

  • St. Lucia: There’s Always Something to Celebrate

    St. Lucia offers an abundance of attractions and events, along with a fabulous variety of festivals, holidays, and a myriad of other opportunities to make merry.... Read more

  • Come Winter in St. Lucia

    This January, forget the snow, the ice, and the wind chill, and come to a land of tropical breezes and sparkling sand beaches.... Read more

  • Two St. Lucia Holiday Traditions

    Street parades filled with glowing lanterns and world-class racing yachts sailing into Rodney Bay – these are two of the most beautiful holiday sightings during December on St. Lucia.... Read more

  • This Month: The ARC Sets Sail

    One of the most luxurious ways to experience the pleasures of Saint Lucia is to spend the winter season here.... Read more

  • October Means Jounen Kweyol Entenasyonnal

    Welcome to the month-long Arts and Heritage Festival dedicated to celebrating all things Saint Lucian.... Read more

  • Inspire Yourself with Saint Lucian Charm

    Rugged mountains, verdant rainforests, brilliantly-white beaches lining sparkling turquoise water, and warm, independent people with a proud heritage – it’s these and much more that makes Saint Lucia one of the most popular and scenically stunning tourist destinations in the world.... Read more

  • Celebrate the End of Summer with Roots, Soul, and Roses

    Saint Lucians perform many activities with grace and charm, but one of their better gifts is that they know how to throw a good party.... Read more

  • Summertime is Carnival Time

    Dancing in the streets, daring feathered and beaded costumes, gaily decorated street revelers, fabulous Caribbean food, and the melodious sounds of steel drum music under the summer skies – these are the symbols of celebration for Saint Lucia’s Carnival.... Read more

  • Treat Dad to a Tropical Paradise Getaway

    This June, help Dad make some memories he’ll cherish forever with a journey to St. Lucia.... Read more

  • Celebrate 26 Years of Jazz at the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

    Hot jazz, icy rum punch, and lots of limin’ (hanging out) awaits you May 7-13 at the 26th annual celebration of Saint Lucia Jazz.... Read more

  • Jump Up and Party Down in Gros Islet

    Sip on spiced rum punch and sample homemade rum as revelers sway and dance to the beat of reggae music booming from huge speakers nearby.... Read more

  • Romantic Selfies for Your St. Lucia Getaway

    To add to the fun and romance of your stay on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, make sure you preserve your precious memories by making it a “couples selfie” getaway.... Read more

  • Recharge Your Marriage with a Vow Renewal Getaway

    Whether you’ve been married for one year or for half a century, renewing your vows is one of the most romantic ways to revitalize a marriage.... Read more

  • Three Terrific Places to Visit in St. Lucia

    Whether you prefer swimming with the turtles, sailing in the bay, or exploring St. Lucia’s many diverse attractions, you’ll find something here for everyone.... Read more

  • The Festival of Lights: A Holiday Tradition

    Every year, Saint Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13.... Read more

  • Come for the Tri St. Lucia

    Join us in sunny St. Lucia on November 18th for our annual triathlon, the Tri St. Lucia.... Read more

  • Arts & Heritage: A Month of Celebration

    Join us this month for a celebration of Saint Lucia’s culture and heritage.... Read more

  • September in Saint Lucia: Three Great Things to Do This Month

    Saint Lucia is a place of lush rainforests, rugged mountains, and people with a proud heritage.... Read more

  • Celebrate Saint Lucia's Chocolate Heritage

    August is Chocolate Heritage Month on the island of Saint Lucia, and we invite everyone to join us in this month-long celebration of our glorious chocolate culture and history.... Read more

  • Join Us for the Saint Lucia Carnival

    Summer in Saint Lucia: the Caribbean sun warms the spirit, and the streets are alive with brilliantly costumed dancers moving to the sounds of Calypso and Soca music, and the rhythmic beating of steel drums.... Read more

  • Thrill Dad with a St. Lucia Getaway

    This year, forget the ties, the after-shave, and the campy boxers, and give Dad something he'll cherish forever – a getaway to gorgeous St. Lucia.... Read more

  • Jazz It Up in Saint Lucia

    The annual Saint Lucia Jazz Festival features some of the hottest entertainment on an international stage.... Read more

  • Turtle-Watching: A Different Kind of Egg Hunt

    Home to three different sea turtle species, St. Lucia provides a safe birthplace and habitat for these ancient and beautiful creatures, and many of them are facing extinction or are critically endangered.... Read more

  • Sulphur Springs Park and a Drive-In Volcano

    Mount Soufriere, also known as Sulphur Springs Park, is the hottest and most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles, and is also famous as the site of the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano.... Read more

  • Three Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at The Landings

    While it’s true that spending Valentine’s Day in St. Lucia is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate, here are three ideas to make your Valentine’s Day even more memorable.... Read more

  • Take a Whale-Watching Tour

    Saint Lucia’s waters are abundant with marine life, including playful dolphins, and there are some species of whales that migrate to this area at certain times of the year.... Read more

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