The Landings St. Lucia - Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, St. Lucia, St Lucia
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The Landings Experience

The St Lucia Luxury Beach Resort

The Landings experience is all about the St Lucian warmth, this is not a sales pitch. It is the salt of our earth. If you go to our market place, now a World Heritage Site, you see it. If you ask about a mango the vendor will cut it open for you and ask you if you think it sweet. . People don’t give directions. They take you where you want to go. You will wish you could bottle the warmth of our island community.

If you consider yourself an upscale traveler or you are ready to experience travel as the stars and affluent travelers do, The Landings St. Lucia is for you. Our resort is for those who want to taste the finer things in life. The traveler who wants to do everything or nothing at all. One who wants to be pampered or be left alone. If you want to be surrounded by the excitement of St. Lucia or want to relax in a less intrusive environment, it can be arranged.

Sitting down to a three course dinner is customary. Using the finest linen napkins and enjoying a bottle of fine wine brought from our thoughtfully curated and abundant private cellar is expected. This is genuine luxury. We specialize in catering to the demanding luxury traveler who is used to dictating his or her own pace of life and getting it.

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Everywhere, there is the sound of water, from the ocean, the pools or the low Italian waterfalls scattered throughout the resort"

As you check into our tropical sanctuary in St. Lucia you become part of the elegant tableau – be it a swim or hot tub soak in one of the three resort pools, languid afternoons on the soft sandy beaches, being massaged in a beach cabana with an ice cold beer or delicious cocktail within reach, or enjoying the sybaritic qualities of our palatial spa in a salubrious mud wrap before standing under a decadent ten jet shower.

A Landings experience is one where “it’s all about you”. You will be at home here in crisp white linen and cocktail dresses by twilight, with the mellow sounds of jazz, piano and the ever changing light on the marina. This is all part of the ambiance in our vibrant Viscount Lounge where skillfully prepared hors d’oeuvre are passed before indulging in a seven course lobster taster menu with carefully selected wines and champagne for each course.

Or you might want to linger with sand between your feet in carefree attire. Enjoy the comfort of your favorite shorts or sun dress with the soothing sounds of the sea in the background as you dine beachfront. At the Beach Club restaurant, let fresh St. Lucian herbs tickle your taste buds as they season freshly caught fish, the finest steak and tender cuts of lamb, decorated with a delicately tossed and crisp tropical salad. So delightful, you will wonder if a fusion of creole magic was added to the mix.

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Luxury options are always available from private in room chefs, room service in your beautifully appointed villa suite or private beachfront dinners for two. Whatever your choice, watching the sun go down with a glass of red and enjoying an evening soak on your balcony in the private plunge pool, should always accompany the menu.

Whatever you do, whether you are single, in a group, a couple or as snowbirds happy to be taking in the winter sun, you have treated yourself and family to a memorable and unforgettable moment in time. One that we are honored to share with you time and time again.


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